Released on 13 December 2019. Features “Porcelaine”, “Xena”, “Malibu Daydream”, “funkyboii” & many other.

Physical CD on sale here.

Watch the music video for Xena by Lyon-based studio Le Donjon

Watch the music video for Porcelaine by Lyon-based studio Le Donjon

View all the Porcelaine lyrics here.


Released on January 6, 2018, Golden Times is Dual State’s debut album. Features BRS, Nightlife, Golden Times & more.

Buy the album CD here.

View all the Golden Times lyrics here.

Listen to Nightlife by Dual State from debut album Golden Times

Watch the music video for BRS filmed at the Golden Times release party at L’Ampérage, Grenoble, FR. 6.01.2018// Video by Nicolas Salenc, Lorcan Dorier & Jeremy Maurin


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